Who we are __ 

We are PIAO International Entertainment, a group of passionate Chinese artists with high expertise and outstanding artistic achievements. Since its inception in the Netherlands 2004, PIAO has been at the forefront of oriental art performance and entertainment. Today PIAO sustains its commitment to supplying top performances, entertainments and continues to deliver high-standard shows to diverse group of audiences.

What we do __ 

Our enthusiasm falls into organizing and providing professional performance to all kind of event, festival , celebration anniversary, corporate function and individuals. We focus on an extensive performance product portfolio, including:

Chinese dance : traditional folk dance ; classic dance& Minority dances

Chinese music : pop &folk music ;  traditional opera

Chinese instrument : Er Hu, Pipa, Guzheng& Hulusi.

Chinese workshops : language & calligraphy; traditional tea ceremony ; folk dance

                           Piao  Brings  you a festive sphere & enjoy !